An Expert Guide to Saviynt Training in 2022

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This blog is being written for those, who wish to obtain Identity governance and administration skills and don’t know where to start from or for those, who are not sure whether to go for Saviynt IGA or not.

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Let’s start with learning about Saviynt and its offerings:

What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is known to be the leading identity solution provider in the world, and one of the best in Gartner’s list of Security and Risk Management Leaders and IGA platforms.

Saviynt is a cloud-built identity and access governance platform that helps organizations to scale cloud initiatives in solving compliance and security challenges, securing the whole business ecosystem and providing enhanced user experience. Saviynt also helps businesses accelerate digital transformation, meet continuous compliance and empower distributed workforces. It accelerates Zero Trust framework for all machine and human identities in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

How one can use Saviynt to secure the whole business ecosystem?

With online applications and cloud infrastructures popping like mushrooms, the risk and severity of security breach has grown manifold. Organizations need an all-in-one cloud-architected security solution that protects assets, offers control access and minimizes risk. Saviynt IGA capabilities not just secure your remote workforce and IT ecosystem, but also evaluates internal traffic.

As a Saviynt administrator, you will be able to utilize Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Identity access management (IAM), and Cloud Privileged Access Management (CloudPAM), extending the capabilities of Zero Trust Identity in your organization. Apart from simply monitoring, management and recovery, you will be able to evaluate trust and risk, and assign only the necessary privileges to the end user. This security system tracks all the activities; flags Separation of Duties (SoD) conflicts and unusual behaviors.


You will able to simplify IT management using automated privileged access management (PAM) system, which identifies low-risk requests and grants access automatically and flags suspicious requests. This way, you will also be able to optimize security staff by generating data storage in a single location and facilitating strong analytics, providing new insights to your team, thus reducing the ‘noise’ and helping staff to focus on real threats.

Why go for Saviynt?

As we read, Saviynt offers a great combination of new-age tools and functionalities to curb Identity and governance threats. Also, one can easily manage all the control accesses and permissions from a single dashboard and save time and manual effort. It’s a cloud-based solution, which means Saviynt Administrator won’t have to go through dozens of access requests to keep the workforce functioning. The application enables friction-free approvals, boosting the productivity of the organization. In a nutshell, you won’t be stuck in old and traditional ways to secure a business ecosystem, but offering innovative and intelligent cloud-based security solutions.


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