An Overview of Oracle NoSQL Database and Oracle NoSQL Training – Path to a great career

Why Oracle NoSQL Database

In today’s world, the amount of data stored; shared, and used is increasing rapidly. As per reports, the amount of data generated will be close to trillion of gigabytes in the coming few years. Non-relational database driven platforms are generally implemented to process and handle big volumes of data.

What is Oracle NoSQL Database?

The Oracle NoSQL Database is based on the concept of distributed database connected to systems which function as storage nodes. Systems are provided storage nodes by replication. This helps in optimization of query load balancing. Thus Oracle NoSQL Database is a highly flexible, versatile, and key/value storage oriented database which offers assistance for CRUD operations using Java API.

Oracle NoSQL Database Support

Applications can be developed for the Oracle NoSQL Database with Java/C API. NoSQL Database offers support to REST API, and C, Python, Java, and node.js drivers to make development of the application easier. In addition, many open source software and Oracle applications are integrated with NoSQL Database to make installation of current big data applications simpler.


Oracle NoSQL Training for understanding Oracle NoSQL Database

For individuals who wish to understand Oracle NoSQL Database thoroughly, Oracle NoSQL Training is one of the best options. Oracle NoSQL Training focuses on the concepts of Big Data and NoSQL; designing a schema and an application; features; advantages, and examples of the Oracle NoSQL database. To be more specific, given below are some essential concepts; topics, and areas that will be covered during the training program:

  1. Fundamentals related to NoSQL Database technology
  2. Oracle NoSQL architecture
  3. KVLite
  4. Backup, recovery and troubleshooting tasks
  5. Learn difference and application of Oracle NoSQL Database and RDBMS.
  6. Use Oracle NoSQL database to store Big Data
  7. Admin Console Access
  8. Application development with Oracle NoSQL Database APIs.
  9. Components of Oracle NoSQL Database
  10. Installation and configuration of Oracle NoSQL Database
  11. Accessing Oracle NoSQL Database by identify and using Java API
  12. Admin Console Access and store configuration

Who will benefit from Oracle NoSQL Training?

Candidates who want to gain deep understanding of Oracle NoSQL database or individuals with basic understanding of Big Data will find Oracle NoSQL Training useful. Database Administrators; Java Developers, and Web Administrator will also find the training useful.

For individuals in Noida who are keen to take training on Oracle NoSQL database, there are many reputed institutes which conduct Oracle NoSQL Training in Noida. These institutes conduct fundamental and advance level courses on Oracle NoSQL database.


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