An overview of SAS Base training program

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SAS is one of the most popular technologies for analytics world even for many more fields. No other software is close to SAS. It implements 4th generation programming language which is very simple and easy to learn compare to any other programming language. Even for recent Big Data analytics, Machine learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence had become more popular and data scientists had become the highest paying job and new releases are being created like Chief Data Officer (CDO). So anyone who is working with the data must know about SAS to boost their career and first step towards this is always a certification and fundamental knowledge of language. SAS Base Training is crafted to help you not only for your Base SAS certification, but even make you master in SAS Base. Once after the completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Outline the steps to download and install the SAS Base Programmer tool.
  • Demonstrate the methods to read, process, combine, and access datasets or raw data files.
  • Create SAS datasets, manipulate data values, export data to create comma-delimited raw data files, and control which values in dataset are processed and presented as an output
  • Manage and manipulate datasets by investigating SAS data libraries; sorting observations; using conditional logic; assigning, modifying, and aggregating variable values; using DO loops and SAS arrays; and validating and cleaning data
  • Generate list and summary reports using different procedures, and enhance reports
  • Identify and resolve programming logic, syntax, and data errors

Once complete all the hands on practical session by your own given in training you will become very proficient in SAS Base programming. There are no pre-requisites for SAS Base training in Noida. This is a beginner level program and a background in SQL will be helpful

  • Analytics professionals
  • Software professionals
  • Professionals who wish to learn SAS programming
  • Professionals who want to prepare for the SAS base certification

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