An overview of the learning outcomes of Cognos BI Training program

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Cognos BI is a business intelligence tool that is uniquely designed for dashboard and analytical activities. Cognos BI training program is intended for ETL developers to gain an in-depth knowledge of what can be done with this important tool that ETL developers provide. The training program begins with the explanation of the tool and its all components, its architecture and how the security works. Then provide you an insight of how internal stakeholders examine the data that is put out, how to make reports and manage dashboard and other vital aspects of using the tool. During the training program, you will:

  • Explore Cognos Administration and Framework Manager
  • Understand Multi-grain, Multi-fact and Stitch Queries
  • Understand how to publish new packages
  • Implement dimensional information to relevant Metadata to enable OLAP-style queries
  • Create various types of Reports using the Cognos tool
  • Edit an SQL statement to author custom queries
  • Learn how to work in a Multi-Modeler Environment
  • Study Report & Query Studio and its Work Area interface
  • Implement and Identify techniques to optimize your Framework Manager models
  • Manage the caches in the Cognos Administration

Cognos BI training in Noida is designed as per the latest trends and considering the advanced course content and syllabus in mind as per the real requirement of the student. IBM Cognos training is the key factor to taking your knowledge as an ETL developer to the next level and brings even further value to what the role provides to a business. It completes the data cycle beyond organizing it and provides a tool to communicate what the data means so the goals of the business can be forecasted, strategized, and measured. This training program is perfect for aspirants who are interested in working in the analytics industry:

  • Developers who want learn Cognos Development for making queries and reports
  • Statisticians and Data Engineers
  • Analysts who want to make better business decisions

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