Analyzing Data with Power BI Training

Power BI is a powerful analytics tool of Microsoft, well it is known as Microsoft Power BI (Business intelligence). The tool is used for analysis work that helps small, medium and big size business companies to analyze all size data. The tool provides clear view output of analyzed data that helps the management to monitor their business deeply and taking new decisions regarding business deals and development.


Power BI can be divided into the following tools:

  • Power Query: – To extract and transform
  • Power Pivot: – To model and analyze
  • Power View and Map: – To visualize data

Why small businesses are adopting this tool with both hands, here is more about the three key benefits of Power BI services for small businesses.

  • You are the boss of your Data
  • By subsiding the decision timeline, you become more responsive
  • Enterprise-level records are yours for free or at a very low cost

Now Power BI is updated and able to analyze the health of your business in minutes using the three free options.

The top Key features because off you should join Analyzing Data with Power BI Training:

  • The Q&A function. Sometimes the best and fast way to get answers using the data is to ask a question using regular language, and that’s closely what it’s feature Q&A allows users to do.
  • Analysis report in the form of dashboards, reports, and datasheets are the backbone of Power BI. The user can modify or generate personalized dashboards which allowing them to recheck their most important resultant data.
  • The power BI is flexible and a user can build reusable and robust data models using SQL server and Azure analysis services in the cloud.
  • Power BI is accessible in three distinct national cloud data hubs, each offering the similar level of security, privacy, compliance, and pellucidity.
  • Association, the Power BI has an ability to connect with the similar applications.
  • Simple to use, Power BI is very simple to use, even basic users will find it to have a short learning guideline.
  • Fast changes and low costs, on the basis of analysis the most recent data, businesses can make knowledgeable decisions regarding which markets ups and downs. Along with, the business maintains ownership of the data.
  • The Power BI product gets frequent updates according to the need of market. It gets new update as any new problem or challenge arises in the market.

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