Android development- paving the way forward for apps

Android is considered as the world’s leading open source development platform today. If one looks at only mobile phones, about 75% of the word’s mobile phones run on the Android OS. It is easy to use and tools for it are available on the Internet. So for any engineer to get into app development, it is necessary to complete an Android development training course.



Android course outline

In the beginning, aspirants are taught about the features and functions of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Once this is done, the basics of Android app development are taught by experienced instructors. They get to know how to build the app with alternative resources that provide an optimised user experience on various devices. Managing activity lifecycles, building a dynamic UI, interactions with other apps and working with system permissions are the other stages in Android development.

Theory and live projects  

It certainly isn’t enough to just keep learning theory in the field of Android app development. One needs to possess hands-on experience in creating great applications, which help in becoming a good Android developer. After an instruction session, each student works independently or with peer groups to create an application. Therefore, live projects help students get a first-hand feel of the real world scenario.

Who is it useful for?

Android development training is useful for a number of specialised field students. It can be undertaken by application developers, java developers and mobile app developers. Many software engineers get to study Android during their graduation, but realise that they do not have the confidence or knowledge to develop an app for the market. At this training, such engineers get to gain immense knowledge, thereby helping them work towards launching their own app.

Deployment of Android

Android is a complete Operating System which works on Linux. In the initial years, it was restricted only to mobile phone and mobile devices, which included low cost phones and smartphones. Today, its computing services and rich functional support have the ability to reach even beyond the mobile market. It has been established that Android is useful for other applications and platforms as well. For an in-depth study, you can enrol for an Android mobility training course.   


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