Apache Struts Training to build Java Web Applications

Struts from Apache is a free open source framework for creating Java web applications. Web applications differ from conventional website and can create a dynamic response. Generally, websites deliver only static pages, but a web application can interact with databases to customize a response. The Struts framework is designed to help developers create applications that utilizes Model-View-Controller architecture. By using Java Struts framework, the user can get familiarized with three key components:

  • Request handler provided by application developer is mapped with standard URL
  • Response handler that transfers control to another resource
  • Tag library helps developers to create interactive from-based application with server pages
  • To use this application, it is important to have formal Java Struts training from a reputed institute. While getting the training, the aspirant will know why struts are so popular. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:
  • It supports extensive validations where other frame doesn’t work
  • It has inbuilt support for I18N
  • Struts 2 version has themes for making applications more dynamic

Java Struts is a complete web framework providing complete web form components, validator, internalization, low learning and easy to implement.


Under Java struts training, the candidate will be trained on different aspects of the tool. These include:

  • MVA Introduction
  • Struts Application in Eclipse
  • Struts Login Application in Eclipse
  • How Struts Works
  • Resources of Struts 1.x Application Development
  • Introduction to Modules in Struts Application

Java struts training is offered through practical application of subjects to get in-depth knowledge of the same. Assignment and practical training of the tool is the best way how aspirants can learn more how it can be beneficial.

A prominent institute offering Java Struts Training in Delhi ensures that aspirants get the best learning experience and understand the tool for developing web application. The training enables aspirants to get trained under Java experts and through modern online learning technology.  The Struts 1 is considered to be the most popular web application framework for Java.



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