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Learning Apex & Visualforce Controllers (Salesforce Advance Developer) is a critical skill that employers look for in a Salesforce development professional. Essentially, Apex and Visualforce are used for Salesforce application development. Apex is a toolset providing developers a platform, tools, and environment for development. Using the inherent features, functionality, data types and syntax of Apex, developers are able to customize Salesforce as per business requirements. Visualforce is a framework providing pre-packaged modular programs. What is Force.com? For most Salesforce development personnel, the first thing to learn about is Force.com. It is a suite of tools that lets developers create customized apps in quick time. Even Force.com is provisioned on the SaaS (software as a service) model. Essentially, this technology enables building of employee apps catering to every type of role and department. apex-and-visualforce-controllers Build employee apps for every role and department with Force. Technologies in Force.com The following are the technologies of Force.com. Aspirants can learn these technologies at a 6 months industrial training in Delhi.
  • Apex – Is this platform's proprietary programming language. Salesforce advance developers use this technology to build applications. Being strongly-typed and object-oriented, it is equated to Java. Apex is used for programming processes, custom buttons, references, links etc.
  • Visualforce – Is a control technology of the platform. Can be used to create custom pages, and has markup similar to HTML. It can be used in combination with front-end presentation technologies such as HTML, Javascript, CSS3.
  • Salesforce1 lighting – Used to create dynamic and responsive web pages.
  • App Exchange – Online store for third party applications that can be subscribed to.
Career opportunities for Salesforce advance developers Given the rapid adoption of the Salesforce CRM suite, the demand for advance development professionals is huge. This is probably the right time to seek career oriented guidance from a reputed training institute. Attending Apex & Visualforce Controllers (Salesforce Advance Developer) training from a renowned learning facility is the key to success.

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