Artificial Intelligence Lab In Bengaluru: Google To Tackle Problems In Healthcare, Agriculture, And Education

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Key Highlights:-

  • Google has announced advance computer science research in India
  • Google aims to establish AI research lab in Bengaluru under Dr. Manish Gupta and Prof Milind Tambe
  • Google has also announced a partnership with Vodafone-Idea to help 2G smartphone users across the country


As India has turned one of the key markets for Google, the company management has taken a decision to install a research lab in India’s Silicon Valley Bengaluru. Aims to advance computer science research in India, Google have announced this research lab at the fifth edition of its annual Google for India event. The leading search engine company has been working for the development of India as it has introduced India centric products and initiatives, such as rail Wi-Fi project, flood forecasting application, etc. It is now making its next step for the development of healthcare, agriculture, and education.

The Google AI research lab will mainly focus on three things

  1. The advancement of Computer Science research in India, wherein it will focus on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Languages, Speech, Systems, and other related areas.
  2. The application of this research to tackle big problems in healthcare, agriculture, and education.
  3. The making of services and apps that will focus on helping millions of people across India

The Google AI research lab will be led by Dr. Manish Gupta, Prof Milind Tambe

The AI research lab will be led by Dr. Manish Gupta, who is a noted scientist and an Association for Computing Machinery fellow. Prof Milind Tambe will help him as the director for AI for Social Good research. Prof Tambe is currently working as a Computer Science professor at the Harvard, where he focuses on advancing AI for social good. The Bengaluru-based lab will mainly focus on the below-listed things.

Google has also announced a partnership with Vodafone-Idea

In addition to the establishment of AI research lab in Bengaluru, the Google authority has also made the announcement of introducing Google Assistant for the users’ 2G smartphones in India. They are now going to make a strategic partnership with Vodafone Idea to allow the users to enjoying Google Assistant benefits without mobile data or internet connectivity. Google aims to launch this round the day facility in two major languages – English and Hindi. Obviously, the professionals with Artificial Intelligence Training will be recruited in this research lab along with the targeted industries.

Artificial Intelligence professionals are highly demanded in the healthcare sector

In India, Artificial intelligence professionals are high in demand as six primary segments – hospitals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical equipment and supplies, telemedicine, medical insurance – are recruiting them. Plus, the offered salary range is also increasing. To cope with the ever-increasing demand, more training institutes are coming forward to provide the certified professionals. Your job will be easier if you are thinking about AI Training in Delhi, AI Training in Noida or AI Training in Bengaluru.


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