Artificial Intelligence- One Time Learning Life Time Earning Opportunity

Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems with the help of computer programming that is able to perform certain tasks normally adopting human intelligence, such as visual observation, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

In simple language, we can say that artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that aims to create a smart working machine that is able to perform the task related to the following areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Perception
  • Learning
  • Planning


The advance version of AI is to develop a machine with ability to manipulate and move objects.


Artificial intelligence training is itself a research work, where, you get a chance to learn programming on modules of a specific task that needs to complete within a fixed time slot. It is important to know that artificial intelligence must have access to objects, categories, properties and relations between different phases of programming to implement them in a proper schedule of knowledge engineering. During training session, you will learn initiating common sense, reasoning and problem-solving power in a machines.

Parts of AI:

There are some essential parts that complete artificial intelligence like machine learning, machine perception, computer vision and robotics. All these categories belong to different phase of artificial intelligence i.e. machine learning is a core part of AI belongs to supervision of the ability, machine perception handles the capability to use sensory inputs and deduce the different aspects of the world, computer vision used to analyze visual inputs, and robotics handles different tasks such as manipulation and navigation, motion planning and mapping.


Career option: –

As an AI developer there is multiple options as career available and highly in demand for all types of organization i.e. startups, mid-level and MNCs at national and international level.

Some examples of specific jobs held by AI professionals include:

  • Software analysts and developers
  • Computer scientists and computer engineers
  • Algorithm specialists
  • Research scientists and engineering consultants
  • Mechanical engineers and maintenance technicians
  • Manufacturing and electrical engineers
  • Surgical technicians working with robotic tools
  • Medical health professionals working with artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing aids and vision restoration devices
  • Military and aviation electricians working with flight simulators, drones and armaments
  • Graphic art designers, digital musicians, entertainment producers, textile manufacturers and architects
  • Post-secondary professors at technical and trade schools, vocational centers, and universities

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