Artificial Intelligence to improve education quality and learning outcomes

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The education system in most of the countries is based on a single uniform content delivery mechanism. It is going to be changed very soon with the introduction of artificial intelligence. The AI-based tools will personalize the learning experience of the student to suit his/her learning style. Under this system, an auditory learner will get audio, a student with a reading affection will get an article or a book for the same lesson, and a student who is a visual learner will get an animated video of a teacher explaining the concept. Artificial Intelligence training will evolve the education system in numerous ways and ensure better learning outcomes.

  1. Artificial Intelligence will develop personalized content for the students
  2. Artificial Intelligence will give scale to the education system
  3. Artificial Intelligence will adapt the need of the students
  4. Artificial Intelligence will auto-grade essays, long-form, and multiple-choice questions
  5. Artificial Intelligence will provide actionable feedback to the teachers

In the current system, it is complicated to find and maintain the distinct educational requirements of the students. Some of them have distinctive development standards, and some others study at varying speeds. By collecting data to recognize knowledge gaps, the AI-powered systems are going to solve this problem permanently. By designing intelligent, personalized communications with the students, the AI assistants are going to provide instant feedback to the students and learn the concepts without depending on the teachers. It will also be helping the teaching staffs to fill the gaps.

Many of us might be thinking that the AI-based tools will replace the teachers in our school and college education. However, it is not true. The involvement of AI-based mechanisms will only evolve the role of teachers; they won’t be replacing the teachers. Artificial Intelligence is soon going to be the wind of change in the education industry. The teachers would be providing human interaction and more hands-on experience in the classrooms. And the students will become the owners of their own learning process. The automatic process will improve learning outcomes and quality of education.

The AI-powered systems are gradually transforming the way we teach and learn. It would be easier with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Elon Musk-founded OpenAI aims to introduce AGI. “We believe that the creation of beneficial AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity,” Greg Brockman, chief technology officer of OpenAI, said in a press release. To fund this work, they have made a billion-dollar partnership with Microsoft. The AI system that has human-like attributes is known as AGI or artificial general intelligence.



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