AutoCAD® Civil 3D Training and Certification industry

AutoCAD® Civil 3D Training is for “Autodesk Computer Aided Drafting” a strong helping tool for us equipped with the 3D mechanism. The software used for computer-aided drafting i.e. to create blueprints for any type of hardware construction. It may be a computer chip, a new model of desktop, building, bridge, flyovers and anything like this.

To use this technology in a better way you must be updated, this week I asked our trainer about the updated tools of AutoCAD® , in this article we have mentioned useful updated four productive, explaining AutoCAD®  Civil 3D tips with the help of the trainer. Discover how updated tools of AutoCAD® are used by professionals to make his daily professional life easy and comfort in work.


Take benefit of AutoCAD® ’s multiple document environments

 Everyone is familiar with this feature of AutoCAD®  it is – you never have to draw the same twice, anything you drew can be used all over again.…In this section we’re explaining to do just that by taking benefits of AutoCAD® ‘s multiple-document environment.

Process: –

  1. Open two AutoCAD® drawings, by using Ctrl+TAB you can switch between these two drawings.
  2. Now the second step is select the VIEW tab and then select Tile Vertically in the Window panel. This action will give you a nice side by side comparison of drawings. You can select and work with anyone. To work with more comfort you can drag and drop geometry between drawings. One of the best features is you can recycle your geometry overall again.

Advantage of Function Keys

There are different functions of function keys like you can temporarily enable, or disable a mode setting by holding a function key.

To know about the functions of function keys, do a “right click” over any mode setting icon in the status bar and use DISPLAY from the menu bar.

Take advantage of the Quick Calculator

Now you can use added calculator into AutoCAD® for doing calculation in-spite of using a hand-held calculator.

Process: – Press Ctrl+8 to open the Quick Calculator, enter your data here in a proper manner and now click the Apply button and then hit the Enter key to accept, here is your answer.

To get the numeric values any time in AutoCAD® you can press Ctrl+8 to.

Advantage of the “Property Changer Palette”

You can also say it the modifier. To use this function press Ctrl+1 to open it. With this property, one can change the features of any drawing. As a starter, you should select it at first when you need to change something.

Career Information

If you have already taken an AutoCAD® Civil 3D Training and searching a job then the following areas are ready to welcome you: – mechanical, architectural, civil, electrical, and electronics.

  • Mechanical Drafters
  • Architectural Drafters
  • Civil Drafters
  • Electrical Drafters
  • Electronics Drafters

2-D and 3-D computer-aided drafting software applications are useful and current in use to prepare blueprints and plans for architecture, construction, and manufacturing projects by AutoCAD®  drafters.

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