Automation & AI to open the opportunity of high skill jobs three times by 2022

Automation is as of now the broadly recognized tool for industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In India automation could cost 7,50,000 jobs in the next coming years, a report by HfS Research – an industry master firm said. The report also specified that as IT and BPO services industry look to delivering “more for less” by using Automation and AI, job roles are changing from low skilled employers conducting basic entry level, process driven tasks that require little abstract thinking or autonomy, to medium and high skilled employers undertaking more difficult tasks that require expertise, experience, intellectual thinking, skills to manage machine-learning tools and autonomy.


Automation can be found in practically every industry, running from transportation and utilities to defense and office operations. The most inescapable area, however, is absolutely manufacturing. With many required assignments being labor intensive or astoundingly repetitive, the making of automated machinery has upgraded efficiency and also influenced greater quality control.

The report noted that enthusiasm for average skilled roles are choosing across the board, especially in roles that are customer facing with the necessity for more customized help, the skills to manage basic customer and data questions. Automation will make around 3, 00,000 mid-to-high skill jobs by 2022.

The report displays a marginal take-up of IT jobs in Philippines.

The research firm alludes to the strong take-up of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI as the fundamental reasons behind the loss in headcount. It incorporates that RPA is slowly accelerating the removal of rote jobs while growing the need of high- skilled jobs by 57%.

While “organizations are taking time to develop the impact of RPA into service contracts … Time is on our side to manage the change and train staff for the future,” the report said. “The next five years we can manage, it’s the five after that when the impact on work ends up being significantly more troublesome.”

The firm has extended the expected low- skilled job loss numbers from 6.4 lakh toward the completion of 2021 in a report published a year back to 7 lakhs by 2022 in the latest report. In this circumstance, the report predicts that 20% of the total workforce ought to be re- skilled to be employable.

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