Automation Testing And Its Role in Simplifying Product Development

Automation testing leads to shortening of the product development cycles in any company. Cumbersome and repetitive tasks are avoided, along with a marked improvement in software quality. Testing software in order to find fixes for bugs is a long and expensive process, subject to human errors.


Overall benefits of automated testing

Automated vs. manual testing has always been a hot topic of debate among software professionals. Though both are necessary, it all comes down to how much automated testing can be incorporated into the development process.

  • Repetitive work not done by humans
  • High degree of consistency is achieved
  • While executing an automated test suite, human intervention is not necessary
  • Information about tests can be easily accessed at anytime
  • Tests running on multiple hardware or software configurations can be easily used here
  • Speed of IT product development is greater in comparison to manual testing

Looking at the benefits, it is natural that software professionals need to be familiar with the process, which shall be discussed in the next section.

How to follow automated testing

Certain decisions need to be taken with respect to automated testing, the details of which are given ahead.

Step 1: Decide what software to automate

Let’s be honest- it is not possible to automate the entire range of cases. Tests run frequently and requiring huge amounts of data should preferably be automated. It is necessary to have an automation plan in place.

Step 2: Testing to be done early

For best results, it is recommended that tests should commence as early as possible in the development cycle. It will help locate as many bugs as possible.

Step 3: Select the correct testing tool

There are many automatic tools in the market, and it is vital to choose one that fits your requirement, as per flexibility for testers and support for available technology.

Step 4: Divide automated testing correctly

Some QA engineers may be good at writing test cases, while others could be well versed with making automated test scripts. Make sure you allot them tasks accordingly.

Step 5: Creating automated tests resistant to changes in UI

Many properties are used by automated testing to identify the location of an object. To locate objects successfully each time, controls need to be given unique names. This will make automated tests resistant to UI changes.

Through automation testing training, engineers realise that life in the testing lab can be made simple. A software creator can receive several advantages with this and from other software testing courses.

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