Automation Testing Training is an Advanced Career Option

Introduction to Automation Testing

Automation testing process works simply in the form of cases where tester writes code to test each and every case separately and execute an automated test suite. Each and every test script executed with the help of automation tool and then finally into the test group suites.

A testing technique used to test the entire life cycle of the software; the automation testing technique takes less time than other technique and provides accurate and effective results to the testing software. In this testing technique, the tester writes scripts him/her and applies it to suitable software to test the software. The process is an advanced technique of a manual process as regression testing; the extended testing in the form is an application from load, performance and stress point of view.

The purpose of Implementation of Automation testing is to reduce testing time and provide more accurate result to ease the future actions.


Automation testing tools to automate the functions:

It is not possible to automate all software testing using the automation testing process, there are few things that can be automated using this process are login forms, registration forms, and the rapidly accessible sections by instantaneously users. Expect it, all GUI presentations, and connections with a database, field validations, and a lot.

How is Automation Testing effective?

Automation testing is a time and cost saving technique, it is easily adaptable to the organizations. The testing technique is advanced and it updates year by year; because of these features automation testing is more popular than manual testing. Here, we will try to understand by an example; suppose, new software arrived in the market after manual as well as automation testing and now it is creating problem to use it means the software needs correction.

Here, the role of Automation Testing Training is important because it is not possible to test the whole software again manually. The correction required overall testing and recoding along with old sections. The automation testing process will take less time than manually. So the automation testing is effective in terms of cost, resources, Time etc.

When an automation testing is required:

  • The following scenario of the software when an automation of software is required,
  • If requirements of a software does not change frequently,
  • Many virtual users are about to access the application for different use
  • Availability of time
  • Enormous and solemn projects
  • Projects that required testing the same areas regularly

Benefits of Automation Testing training:

After a successful automation testing training, you will be able to perform the following activities professionally that are time and cost savings with accurate result. 

  • Increase productivity
  • Increases software quality
  • Reduces testing time
  • Support various applications
  • Increase testing coverage
  • Reduction of repetitive work
  • Greater consistency

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