AWS- Shaping The Future of Data Storage

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IT infrastructure services were first offered to businesses in 2006 by Amazon Web Services (AWS). These infrastructure services today come under cloud computing. With the help of cloud computing, it is possible to store important data in a remote server, thereby implying that one does not need to pay for maintenance of this server. Businesses no longer procure servers and other IT infrastructure. They can instead spin up several servers in a few minutes and deliver quick results. Personnel skilled on the web services need to go through AWS training.


Advantages of using AWS 

Low cost- There are no up-front expenses in using AWS. It follows the pattern of pay-as-you-go. Cost- saving benefits of global infrastructure are passed on to the customers.

Agility- The massive cloud infrastructure by AWS allows customers to instantly start new applications and then scale up or down based on the demand.

Openness and flexibility- It is in the hands of a customer to choose the programming model best for his or her business. One can choose which services are to be used, thereby giving the flexibility to strive for innovation.

Security- Services and data centres of AWS have many layers of physical and operational security for ensuring the safety of customer data. Industry-recognised certifications and audits like PCI DSS Level 1, SOC1, FedRamp, FISMA Moderate and ISO 27001.

All about Amazon Glacier

An integral entity under AWS is Amazon Glacier. It is a durable, secure and very low cost storage service used for data archival and online backup. Large or small amounts of data can be stored here for as less as $0.01 per GB every month, significantly lower than on-premises solutions.

Cases of usage

Areas where Amazon Glacier is being used are:

  • Media Assets archiving
  • Regulatory and Compliance archiving
  • Healthcare information archiving
  • Scientific data storage
  • Digital preservation
  • Magnetic tape replacement

Why the name Glacier

The name Glacier stuck with this product because it was designed keeping in mind long term storage of things. Medical records or financial documents can become “cold” where they are not accessed very often.

A whole new world of storage has now been created by AWS. Go through AWS training to learn more.


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