AWS training – Building your proficiency to make organisational data secure

Maintaining company/business data on a cloud server is indeed a reality today, as well as a necessity. Companies find it tough to store all their data on a single server, which results in escalating costs of computers, hard disks and servers. This problem has been solved by several cloud companies, one of the top firms in this field being Amazon. Of course, to handle data on AWS (Amazon Web Services), skilled solution architects are required, which is the exact purpose of an AWS Training course.

Students who wish to become AWS solution architects are trained on the distributed applications and systems present on the AWS platform. Training at reputed institutes is provided by industry experts, who know the importance of handling real case scenarios vis-à-vis theoretical concepts. The skills to design and launch scalable, reliable and greatly secure systems on AWS, along with data backup and restoration processes are covered in this course.

Advantages of AWS

  • Immense storage space
  • No worries about data getting corrupt or lost
  • 24 hour access possible
  • Availability of technical support 24/7
  • Attractive packages for corporate firms
  • Huge number of services, products and solutions for firms


A brief overview of concepts

Navigation through the AWS Management Console is a very important part of training. Students need to familiarise themselves with the environment in order to work with it. Many foundational infrastructure services are covered during the training, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Device (S3) and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). Security measures provided by AWS, along with key concepts, are taught to the students along with live examples.

Ideal target audience

A course in AWS can prove to be most beneficial for the following groups of professionals:

  • AWS Project Manager
  • AWS Server Manager
  • AWS System engineers
  • PHP and Python developers
  • Software developers

What does AWS mean for your career?

An AWS certification is globally recognised and showcases your expertise to design and deploy applications as well as infrastructure on AWS. A SysOps Administrator is also a good boost to career, which can be attained after a few years of experience. You can either be a solutions architect or a developer. Learn more through AWS Training in Delhi.


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