Basic Hardware You must have to Get Started with ARM7 Microcontroller

Want to start a project based on ARM 7 Microcontroller? Have a look at the basic hardware list that you will need before you proceed to your project plan.

Here it is.

  1. Power Supply

Most of the series of ARM 7 Microcontroller works on 3.3 V power supply. However, the peripheral devices attached with the microcontroller demands greater voltage requirements. Like LCD and ULN 2003, they work properly at 5V.

  1. Crystal Oscillator

Oscillations are often called as the heartbeat of any device. The definite pattern of such oscillations generates a specific frequency that operates the device. Here in ARM 7 Microcontroller, crystal oscillator is used for this purpose.


  1. Reset Circuit

Reset button as per its name serves the purpose of resetting the device. With its application one can easily bring back the device into its starting point where all the temporary storage devices reset to zero. It is essential for any system to avoid pitfalls during the programming and this reset circuit become a life savior at that time.

  1. RTC crystal oscillator

The major objective of using RTC crystal oscillator is to provide clock for RTC operation. The clock generated is used for maintaining synchronization operations between the ARM 7 Microcontroller and the Input-output devices.

  1. UART

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transfer. It is a microchip that connects the ARM 7 Microcontroller with the serial devices. From here only, data from the microcontroller travels towards the serial devices through the data lines. The address of destination and source of data is stored in the address lines.

This is the basic hardware that you must have in order to start working with ARM 7 Microcontroller. But things won’t run smooth if you lack knowledge and programming skills. For that, you can join ARM 7 Microcontroller training and build skills for the same.

Hope this works for you.

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