Basics Of Mobile Application Testing One Must Be Aware Of

As the usage of smartphones is increasing day by day the demand for mobile applications has also increased and so the demand for the mobile application testers is also inevitable. Therefore, many testers prefer to get a formal Mobile application testing course so as to increase the scope of job opportunities for them.


Aspects of Mobile application testing

 A mobile app tester must be aware of some important aspects of testing provided as following:

  • Usability testing: Focuses on the comfort level of the user and make sure that a user find the application easy to use
  • Compatibility testing: Makes sure that the application is compatible with various mobile devices, OS, browsers, etc.
  • Performance testing: Performance of the app must be tested on a basis like its battery consumption, its speed on various connections, etc.
  • Security testing: Ensures the security of application and keeping the data safe and protected
  • Interface testing: Make the user’s navigation experience comfortable, by testing the interface features like menu options, settings and other buttons available
  • Operational testing: Checks the performance of backup and recovery system of the application

Steps involved in mobile testing

A well-organized and a formal Mobile application testing course will certainly give you a deep insight to the following steps of app testing which is very important to understand for a professional tester.

  • First, you must identify that among above mentioned aspects on what all basis you should test the application
  • Then automation testing is done, which is followed by manual testing by QA team
  • After that beta testing is done to make sure that all the bugs are fixed
  • Performance testing is then done by using JMeter script
  • The application is then tested on different browsers using simulation tools and using them on real devices

If you are thinking of getting a professional training into it, then you must make sure to choose a reliable institution that is providing mobile app development training and testing training.


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