Benefits of Python and why it is being used in the industry

Several programming languages are being used in companies today. One of the general purpose, high level programming languages is Python. The syntax of this language enables programmers to express necessary concepts in lesser lines of code than Java or C++. Python supports both object-oriented programming and structured programming. The language can also be embedded in existing applications which require a programmable interface.





Semantics of Python

Python is considered as a highly readable language. It is characterised by an uncluttered visual layout and makes frequent use of English keywords. Compared to this, other languages make use of punctuation. It also has smaller number of syntactic exceptions in comparison to C.

Uses of Python

Python is a popular language in the web development field. However, it is predominantly used in the back end. Good integration with database, good iteration time and various web standards make it popular. The website Quora, for example, uses a lot of python code.

Large applications are being written exclusively with python. Google and NASA also make use of it. Python is also being used for applications like Youtube and for the online transaction system of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Other ways in which python can be applied are:

  • Making an RSS reader
  • Reading from and writing to MySQL
  • Creation of calendars in HTML
  • Working with files
  • A programming CGI for online applications

In addition to the above, python is a great language that can be taught at both introductory and advanced levels in programming. It is a popular tool used by several software developers for testing, build control and management. Python is also incredibly useful at integration of tasks. As an example, 3D software Maya makes use of python for both automating small user tasks and for complex integration like asset management systems.

Application of python in job scenario 

Dynamic languages such as python may not be always used to create a product, but it often powers the tools that create the product. One needs to look out for companies which make use of smart internal system groups which do not need compiled languages. To learn how to work on python, join a python course.


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