Boost your career with Machine Learning Training program

Machine learning is a method of making predictions on the data based by machines by exploring some algorithms on a certain pattern. Machine Learning Training is a program that helps you learn the concept of basic theoretical principles, algorithms and all applications of Machine Learning. You will also understand the mathematical aspects of machine that will help you gain insight of several models. The training program also makes you familiarize with the connections between theory and practical in Machine Learning. After the completion of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Categorize supervised learning and unsupervised learning
  • Understand all the applications of machine learning algorithms
  • Learn to classify data and models
  • Pick the best algorithms for any given problem
  • Build solid Machine Learning models
  • Perform linear and logistic regression techniques
  • Implement various Regression models
  • Learn to do accurate predictions and analysis
  • Understand deep learning, clustering, and recommendation systems

Types of Machine learning Algorithms

  • Supervised Algorithms: This algorithm is widely used in most of the machine learning systems.
  • Unsupervised Algorithms: It is used to guide the system when the information is neither labeled nor classified
  • Semi-supervised Algorithms: This algorithm comes in between supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. They generally consists a small amount of labeled and a large volume of unlabeled data.
  • Reinforcement Algorithms: This algorithm enables the system to automatically understand the most appropriate behavior in a given situation in order to improve the performance

Machine Learning Training in Noida is best suited for following professionals:

  • Developers looking a career as a Data Scientist
  • Business Analysts
  • Information Architects
  • Analytics Managers
  • Graduates seeking a career in Data Science and machine learning
  • Experienced professionals who would like to apply machine learning in their fields to get more insight about users

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