Build your career as a ServiceNow administrator

This is the best time for you to take a call on a career as a ServiceNow administrator. ServiceNow Admin is backed by a long range of job prospects and emerged as one of the most preferred career options. ServiceNow fundamentals are designed to deal with various organizational roles related to the NOW platform. It conducts three days of interactive training classes. And the classes highlight on the below-listed things. Your duty, as a ServiceNow administrator, is to design, develop, build, and customize applications. You will also be responsible for providing support to the end-users of the software.

The basics of ServiceNow certification

  1. The importance of branding
  2. Application navigation and user interfaces like lists and forms
  3. How to apply it to the platform Users, groups, and roles
  4. Chat and notifications
  5. Task management using assignment rules, presence, and work notes
  6. The database structure: tables, records, and fields
  7. Populating the database using import sets
  8. Running the benefits of metrics and dashboards
  9. Using Access Control rules to protect ServiceNow instance data
  10. The use of Flows and Workflows for process automation
  11. Dealing with the configurations between instances, using update sets
  12. Various script types used in the platform

Who is it for?

Anybody can pursue ServiceNow Admin Training if he/she is looking forward to learning the fundamental platform features. So, the range comprises ServiceNow partners, customers, sales engineers, and other people interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.

But yes, the attendees of this highly demanded training should have at least three months of hands-on experience with ServiceNow before applying for the certification exam. They are likely to get the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certificate after passing the certification examination.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification 

Known as a prerequisite for advanced courses, the examination of this certification covers User Interface & Navigation, Collaboration, Database Administration, Self-Service & Process Automation, and Intro to Scripting & Application Tools.

The ServiceNow Admin Certification tells that a candidate has enough skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the ServiceNow system, especially its configuration, implementation, and maintenance. Successful chase will also establish a set of skills necessary to continue in the ServiceNow Certification paths. The examination, however, demonstrates the purpose, exam content coverage, audience, testing options, test framework, and basics of becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.


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