Build your career as a successful Business analyst with Cognos BI Training program

IBM® Cognos is an integrated business intelligence suite that offers a wide range of functionality to help you understand your organization’s data. Everyone in your organization can use IBM Cognos BI to view or create business reports, analyze data, and monitor events and metrics so that they can make effective business decisions. The Cognos BI training program is intended to provide knowledge and appropriate skills to become a successful Business Analyst. The training program begins with basic concepts like Cognos Architecture, Troubleshooting the server environment and covers advanced topics like Analysis & Query Studio, Cognos Services, Interactive Reporting, Cognos Administration and a technical deep dive into the DMR Package in Cognos etc. During the training program, you will be able to:

  • Explore Framework Manager and Cognos Administration
  • Understand Multi-fact, Multi-grain and Stitch Queries
  • Learn about the DMR package and how to publish new packages
  • Apply dimensional information to relational Metadata to enable OLAP-style queries
  • Create various types of Reports using the Cognos tool
  • Learn how to work in a Multi-Modeler Environment
  • Edit an SQL statement to author custom queries
  • Identify and implement techniques to optimize and tune your Framework Manager models
  • Examine Query Studio, Report Studio and its Work Area interface
  • Manage the caches in the Cognos Administration

Cognos BI training in Noida is designed  as per modern trends and keeping in mind the latest Cognos course content and syllabus based on the professional requirement of the student. It also helps them to get placement in MNC’s and achieve their career objectives. This training program is idol for individuals who are interested in working in the analytics industry:

  • Developers who are willing to learn Cognos Development for creating queries and reports
  • Analysts who want to make better business decisions
  • Data Engineers and Statisticians

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