Build your private server if you aren’t ready to share resources with other users

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Hosting companies secure website data and stored files, but it is an expensive way for individuals and businesses with a high volume of data. A number of businesses with a large amount of data don’t prefer to share their business data with the outside users. They have developed their private servers. Are you intended to manage your self-hosting? We suggest to build your own server and allow others to connect to the stored files. It will help you in avoiding the middleman expenses. If you have not attended the AZ-103 Administrator Training, you might be finding it as a thought-provoking job. Yes, training is necessary to accomplish this job effectively. However, we are giving the steps required for building your own server.

Which are the essential steps for building your own server?

  1. Decide what kind of server you need
  2. Obtain a dedicated machine
  3. Assemble the server
  4. Install the operating system
  5. Configure the OS for Web Hosting
  6. Set up your self-hosted domain
  7. Install monitoring tools

Why kind of server do you need?

Are you running a personal blog or website? Or maybe you are planning to get a private server for hosting personal (for yourself and family members) files. If yes, you are open to choose a server that is ideal to be used on a pretty average machine. You can share the computer as well. If you are a game-loving person and willing to host other gamers from your friend-circle, you are suggested to get a more stable machine to run the server. Are you looking forward to preparing a server for dealing with your business requirements, i.e., clients or employees? In the case of business requirements, you need to build a server that can run 24/7 with 99.9% uptime.

Do you need to use a paid Control Panel?

No, you can use free services as well. Unlimited numbers of Control Panels are available for the Windows and Linux users. You may prefer VestaCP (Linux), WebsitePanel (Windows), or Virtualmin/Webmin (Linux) if you are looking for a free Control Panel. However, Cpanel (Linux), Plesk (Windows and Linux), and Directadmin are some of the highly demanded paid Control Panel available in the market. In the case of a paid Control Panel, you will be able to get free support as per your license.

Get Microsoft Azure Training to make the server building easier

Pursuing Microsoft Azure Training is the best way for you or your organization if you are planning to build your personal server within a defined time. You can easily select a group of employees and send them for this training. Many training institutes are offering this course. We recommend sending your employees to a Microsoft certified training institute only. As it is a Microsoft-introduced course, the institutes with Microsoft certification are likely to provide upgraded course modules.


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