CAESAR II:- A Pipe Stress Analysis software.

CAESAR II is a product bundle for channeling adaptability examination with computerized code consistence checks. It is anything but difficult to utilize and incorporates a few propelled modules for specific issues. CAESAR II training can these days be viewed as the “bread and butter” of any pipe push engineer. This course is helpful for starting anxiety engineers, as well as give important information to the individuals who should have the capacity to decipher pipe push results, for example, managers and professionals. The point of our course is in this manner not exclusive, to get comfortable with the essential utilization of CAESAR II additionally to make a building comprehension of the stress results.

  • The goals of our CAESAR II Training course can be summarized as follows :-
  • Comprehension and understanding of electronic pipe push examination
  • Viewing and investigation of basic channeling frameworks
  • Researching designs to tackle push issues and over-burdening of spouts
  • Pipe stretch investigation of particular issues (e.g. Fiberglass, covered funneling)
  • Utilization of the propelled modules in the program


The CAESAR II Training course is given by one of the experienced guys from DRG who routinely utilize CAESAR II for their consultancy assignments. The course consolidates a few genuine cases and our involvement with DRG can serve to start discourses about various arrangement techniques for stress issues considering all building viewpoints, both hypothetical as common sense.


This CAESAR Pipe Stress Analysis Training is sorted out in collaboration with Intergraph. The preparation will be exhibited by DRG at the DRG office, yet the organization, procedure will be taken care of by Intergraph.

Expected for:

Those outlining channeling frameworks for code consistence

Those with no or constrained involvement with the utilization of CAESAR II

Picking up understanding into the designing hypothesis of a pipe stretch examination

Picking up understanding into the full capacity of CAESAR II as a pipe stretch programming bundle


A fundamental engineering background is favored.


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