Career benefits of Ethical Hacking Training and certification

Ethical Hacking Training course gives hands-on classroom training to scan, hack, test and secure systems and applications. The extensive course on ethical hacking of the most current security domains give aspirants in-depth knowledge and practical approach to the present major security systems. This training program prepares to clear EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50. The training program provides a good start for understanding web and mobile application security and increasing the present knowledge of identifying threats and liabilities. Following are some of the learning benefits of this training program:


  • It prepares students to handle information security with more simplicity
  • Helps them to know the finer nuances of Backdoors, Trojans and Countermeasures
  • Knowledge in advanced Hacking concepts – hacking Mobile devices & smart phones, writing Virus codes, Corporate Espionage, exploit writing & Reverse Engineering
  • Better cognizance of IDS, Honeypots, Firewalls and Wireless Hacking
  • Coverage of latest development in mobile and web technologies including Android OS 4.1 and Apps, iOS 6 and Apps, BlackBerry 7 OS, Windows Phone 8 and HTML 5
  • Expertise on innovative concepts like –Advanced network analysis, Securing IIS & Apache Web servers, Windows system administration using Powershell, Hacking SQL & Oracle database
  • Advanced Log Management for Information Assurance

Insight of the benefits of Ethical hacking certification:

CEH certification opens up various career opportunities as a certified ethical hacker. Few of them are as following as-

  • One can go to become an intrusion analyst, forensic analyst, or a security manager after successfully earning a CEH credential
  • CEH accreditation in like manner covers the requirements for such roles as Computer Network Defense (CND) Analyst, CND Incident Responder, CND Infrastructure Support and CND Auditor
  • Average CEH pay (approximately $92,000) is 44% higher than IT Security pay rates (approximately $64,000).

Ethical Hacking Training in Noida is appropriate for following professionals:

  • Security officers
  • Security Specialist / Analyst
  • Security Manager / Architect
  • Site administrators
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Security Consultant / Professional
  • Security Officer / Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Systems Analyst

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