Career Opportunities available through cloud computing courses

Storage of data is a big issue in most companies. The data present in existing computer servers in organizations is often subject to theft and corruption. Opting for cloud storage for data, along with managing the work-related applications through cloud-based services is the need of the hour. Learning about storage is possible by enrolling for cloud computing courses through reputed institutes.

The foundational course is helpful for covering most fundamental cloud computing topics. These pertain to both business considerations as well as technology. With the help of this technology, organisations are able to migrate from real to virtual infrastructure. During training students gain tremendous amount of technical knowledge as well as the skills to take advantage of cloud services. These services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The cloud services market

Cloud application services, SaaS, are said to represent the largest section of the cloud market. They make use of the Internet to deliver applications managed by a third party vendor. Its interface is accessible by the client. Due to the web delivery model, companies do not need to install or run applications on their own computers.


With the help of PaaS, developers obtain a framework to develop their applications while lending the cloud components to software. PaaS helps in speeding up the deployment of applications, also making them cost-effective. Enterprise PaaS provides a self service portal to manage infrastructure with the help of platforms installed on the hardware. In a way similar to the manner in which macros are created on Microsoft Excel, applications can be created with software components integrated with the PaaS (middleware).

Examples of Enterprise PaaS include Apprenda. Examples of SaaS are Salesforce, Google Apps, Concur and Cisco WebEx. Similarly, IaaS are self service models that allow users to access, monitor and manage remote datacentre infrastructure. IaaS can be purchased as per consumption. Its examples are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Joyent.

Opportunities in the industry  

The PaaS learners can work as application managers or developers. End users who learn about the SaaS model are trained to work on various software applications such as Customer Relationship Management and others. To learn about more opportunities in this field, along with knowing how you can enhance your career opportunities in this regard, enrol for Cloud Computing Training in Noida.


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