CCNA course and its market relevance

Entry level network engineers can enhance their networking knowledge by learning CCNA. This is an IT certification course from Cisco, one of the world’s top IT companies, and it stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. This certification program from Cisco helps to maximise investment in foundational networking knowledge and also increase value of the employer’s network. CCNA Routing and Switching certifies the knowledge to install, configure, operate as well as troubleshoot medium sized networks.


Network device security 

One of the important steps to be taken by an administrator is to secure the availability of administrative access to devices such as switches, servers, firewalls and others. The CCNA Security curriculum explains in detail the various methods to secure access to network devices. This curriculum covers CLI (Command Line Interface) along with GUI management tools such as Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM). The router is one of the main devices which requires Network security.

Requirement of Network device security

With large number of online systems in the world, the demand for Network security is ubiquitous. Both private and public sector organisations make use of it. CCNA security certification is recognised by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) as well as the US National Security Agency (NSA). Therefore there is tremendous scope for brilliant and experienced network professionals.

CCNA jobs and exams

Cisco CCNA certification can only be obtained after clearing the IINS 640-554 (Implementing Cisco IOS Network security or IINS) exam. Theory for the exam can be obtained online or at a reputed Cisco training institute. By passing this exam, one can continue the security certification route towards CCNP.

The foundation for several job roles is prepared through CCNA. This includes a Security Administrator, Network Security Specialist and Network Security Support Engineer. Core security technologies, installation, troubleshooting and keeping track of the security devices to maintain integrity and confidentiality of data are the jobs done by them.

Demand for Network engineers in the market is pretty high today. However, the only problem is that majority of the positions require experience. Nevertheless, earning a CCNA certification is the best way to jump-start a career in the networking field.

What are networking professionals taught?

During training, professionals get to work with instructors to access expert content anytime. They get to practice with real equipment and also can make use of the highly advanced Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool. Many collaborative projects and presentations are handed to the candidates by instructors.

Network Threats

There are different types of network threats which need to be handled by a CCNA-certified engineer.

  • Denial of service
  • Packet replay
  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Packet modification
  • Eavesdropping

Therefore network security is an integral part of CCNA training. Those who want to earn this certification should do a CCNA course from a reputed institute.

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