Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)- Certification Guide

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For people who often deal with cyber dangers in this constantly evolving threat environment, Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst training is a crucial course. Therefore, candidates can benefit from the expertise of Multisoft System’s international subject matter experts by mastering the CTIA training program and avoiding future cyber threat exposure.

Overview of Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) Training

A Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) training is without a doubt a combination of cybersecurity and threat intelligence to help identify and reduce company risks by turning unknown internal and external threats into recognized threats. It is a thorough, advanced training that offers a systematic method for gathering reliable threat intelligence. The CTIA is a specialist-level training and certification that shows security professionals how to gather threat intelligence in an organized way. Candidates who have earned their CTIA certification have an advantage over other information security experts. This threat intelligence certification course provides extensive, standards-based practical skills in threat intelligence that is necessary for information security. The program’s foundation was a thorough Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the many job functions related to threat intelligence. Through this program, threat intelligence specialists are set apart from other information security specialists. The rigorous 3-day training course teaches information security professionals how to create professional threat intelligence in a highly interactive, thorough, standards-based manner. This training course especially targets any cyber security professional who needs to understand how to gather large amount of relevant threat information from a multitude of intelligence sources which can then be examined to deliver threat information that precisely forecasts the potential risks that a company may experience.. This individual may be fulfilling roles such as: Ethical Hackers, Threat Intelligence Analysts, Threat Hunters, SOC Professionals, Digital Forensic and Malware Analysts in Incident Response.


The objective of Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) Training


The objectives of Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Training are mentioned below:

  • Cyber threat actors, their motivations, goals, and objectives, and the different types of cyber threats they present.
  • Basic concepts in threat intelligence (including threat intelligence types, lifecycle, strategy, capabilities, maturity model, frameworks, etc.)
  • APT lifecycle, the pyramid of pain, the cyber death chain methodology, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), and indicators of compromise (IoCs).
  • Through the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI), Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), and Malware Analysis, threat intelligence data is collected and acquired.
  • For the exchange of strategic, tactical, operational, and technological threat intelligence, many legislation and regulations apply.

Why choose Multisoft Systems for Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)

The Multisoft Systems Institute has been providing outstanding services to candidates for almost 20 years in the industry. In Multisoft Systems, subject matter experts provide valuable advice to aspiring professionals. After candidates register for the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Training course, Multisoft Systems offers one-on-one training and corporate training. As part of the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Training course, candidates will be mentored by experts who will help candidates to gain hands-on experience through using real-world projects and tasks. Candidates who complete the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Training course will receive a globally recognized training certificate, lifetime access to an online learning environment, digital course materials, and round-the-clock after-training assistance.


The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Training certification can help you stand out as a serious candidate for attractive roles within businesses that include TI in their efforts to reduce cyber risk. Security professionals looking to advance from an entry- to mid-level job to a mid-to-high-level one should consider this certification. Even seasoned experts who are studying to pass the CTIA exam will pick up new abilities. Global subject matter specialists from Multisoft System help you obtain this certification and add it to your list of accomplishments.



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