Citrix XenApp 6.5- Anytime, Anywhere Application Access

Citrix XenApp is a centralized application delivery system. It allows users to access Windows application on client systems or any mobile device, anywhere. Used by more than 100 million users worldwide, it facilitates seamless, instant, and on-demand application sharing and improves resource utilization.

Why Use An Application Delivery System?

In the current environment of multiple platforms and numerous different devices, all applications may not be compatible with all client systems. However, many applications might need to be accessed by users for a uniform and standardized working environment.

Users may be working on client computers running different operating systems. They could be using thin clients that might not support all applications the users need. Also, users might be on the move and need to use applications on their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

XenApp enables centralized and managed access to Windows Application on any device. The applications are stored on a server and the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture protocol delivers the application functionality to the client machine.

Application Streaming delivers an instance of the application to the client. The Citrix plugin on the client runs the instance in a sandbox environment. For all purposes, the application might be actually installed on the client machine itself, as long as the user is accessing it.

The different application delivery methods and centralized management of applications results in easy management of resources and reduced costs for the organizations. It also maximizes the utilization of the installed resources as a single installation of an application might be shared with many clients seamlessly. The proliferation of mobile devices and the BYOD policies of many organizations mean increased productivity and cost benefits.

Authorized Training on XenApp 6.5

Professionals looking to work with Citrix XenApp 6.5 can attend training courses to fully familiarize themselves with the various functions and components of the XenApp suite of tools. Choosing an authorized training center adds value as these institutes are affiliated to Citrix and receive course materials and other training resources from Citrix.

System, network and server administrators working in the Windows environment can enhance their skill sets through Citrix XenApp training. They can add Citrix Xenapp administration to their existing expertise.

Certification in using Xenapp can add value to any system or server administrator’s professional profile. In this increasingly connected world, with the proliferation of mobile workforce and remote services, virtualization and application delivery systems like Citrix XenApp gain more importance, and thus translate into more career options for the trained professional.

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