Cyber Security – A matter of confidentiality, integrity for everyone

Cyber security means protecting the digital information present on systems and over network. In the last decade digital world has expanded like a boom, and each and every, small to major process pertaining to business and personal data storage and communication is done over computing device. From banking to retail, personal, organizational, every bit of information revolves around cyber world.


Risks involved with cyber systems

As computing devices, along with internet and local networks are not manual; they are prone to breach, or in common terms, hacking. Hackers process through a wide variety of tools, to penetrate the computer systems and networks and plant malicious programs or virus to steal vital information, which can be of high significance to a person, organization as well as national security.

How security is breached?

An unprotected computer is one which does not have proper security controls in place. Some common traits are malicious program attachments through an e-mail, urging user to click a spiteful website, and other links. Organizational networks, Govt. & national level networks and systems can also be victimized by hackers using highly adept penetrating methods.

How to prevent cyber breach?

Installing spyware, viruses, password protection, safe browsing, and not sharing personal info with unreliable source would ensure less vulnerability. For organizational and public systems & networks, it is vital that they have a specific and core cyber security system in place to maintain overall network & data security to counter hacker’s methods. This system integration and monitoring can be effectively done with help from ethical hackers.

Who are ethical hackers and how do they work?

Ethical hackers are, literally, hackers, possessing same knowledge as hackers, but work in a principled manner. The ethical hackers are well versed with hacking techniques, including system penetration, testing and finding loopholes in the digital network, and provide suggestion to businesses to develop their system security & safety in accordance.

How you can become ethical hacker?

If you are interested in this dynamic and interesting profession, then you must undertake cyber security training & pass certification to work with organizations and Govt. departments for maintaining their system and network security. The most advanced certification training in this field is CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) & CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator).

A trained and certified cyber security expert maintains safe & secured system, network access, online transaction & communication, preventing any penetration & data theft.

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