Data Scientist – the most elegant job option for 21st Century

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Data Scientist – what comes in your mind when you hear these two words? Does it bring the picture of a technically sound person with in-depth knowledge in applied math, computer science, statistics, economics? Or it tells about a person who can extract and analyze useful business information from a considerable amount of data? Well, data scientists use tools and techniques to find practical solutions to real-life data-centric problems. They prepare, clean, validate structured as well as unstructured data to build machine learning pipelines; and make online experiments and use tools, techniques to push sustainable business growth.

India’s analytics market will be worth $2 billion as per a prediction made by The National Association of Software and Services Companies; i.e., NASSCOM. Data Science and ML engineer are the job roles with most vacancies and demand. At present, there are more than 0.2 million Data Science job openings in India. It is huge, right? Harvard Business Review rated Data Science as the sexiest job option of the 21st Century. Besides, the salaries in this domain will be 20 to 30% higher than the IT or business professionals.

The professionals having Data Science with R Training ensure that the solution solves the business problem in the most efficient manner, while building the analytics engine. It requires in-depth knowledge and work experience in the business user community, especially their degree of proficiency, and the ability to translate analytics in layman’s terms. It also requires technical knowledge in compliance and legal affairs. The Analytics Translator drives adoption among users in implementing the solution and executing on insights. It requires the ability to lead the technology-driven organization into a data-driven organization that is blessed with data-driven products, services, sales, and marketing. The Analytics Translator, while collecting and preparing data, helps identify the required business data to produce the most useful business insights. But yes, these things require a thorough understanding of the market, customers, products, services, and analytic methods.

You won’t be able to convert your organization into a data-driven organization. Therefore, we suggest a training for your board of directors and some of the top-ranked employees. A Data Science with R Training in Noida, Mumbai, or Bangalore could help you in a better way. These cities are offering an unlimited amount of options for data science with R and data science with Python. Owing to the high reliability, cost-effectiveness, and market credibility of the training institutes, these cities have been able to attain the tags of corporate training hubs. We, at Multioft Systems, are also doing this job as an authorized training partner of Microsoft and Oracle. Our training house is connected to highway and located in a metro route touching area. We have many certifications, equipped classrooms, and highly qualified faculty members. Our organization also believes in serving the trained professionals even after the course duration ends. So, thousands of manufacturing firms and corporate companies based in Delhi-NCR prefer to train their employees from our institute.

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