Data warehousing learnt through Informatica training in Noida

Enterprise data warehousing is made possible with the help of a powerful ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) tool called as Informatica. The tool collects data from various sources and uses it to refine the information for meeting organisational needs. With the help of Informatica training in Noida, students can learn data warehousing concepts.

Job Scope in Informatica

If you think Big Data is the biggest thing in the field of unorganised data, think again. Informatica has been around since much earlier. It is popularly used in the field of Business Intelligence. One can begin career in this domain as an Informatica Developer, but to move up the ladder, you would need knowledge of tools like DataStage, SSIS and Ab Initio. Companies often migrate between the tools as per the volume and need for data.

In case you are looking at becoming a software developer in the future, it is a good idea to start learning Informatica. Some candidates start off as .NET developers and then move towards Informatica. As per the experts, it is a wonderful tool to accelerate your career. It also has a greater share in the market in comparison to the other tools.


Another area of growth is that of an ETL Adminstrator. One learns how to build a data warehouse for any top organisation. For the next 5 years at least, there is no doubt that Informatica will be an important skill desired by top companies.

Skills learned during Informatica training 

The following competencies are gained by students who are part of the Informatica course:

  • Understanding the basics of data warehousing and its architecture
  • Understanding the features and usage of primary key/unique key
  • Knowledge about OLTP and OLAP databases
  • An understanding of the concepts of dimensional modeling, data mart and data design model
  • Describe slowly changing dimensions and types

For the entire course undertaken at any reputed institute, students are recommended to brush up on a few basic skills. They must possess basic knowledge of programming, strong analytical skills and RDBMS. For more information, get in touch with an Informatica training institute.


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