Effective Casting and Meshing with Magma and HyperMesh Training

Career opportunities are numerous if you are hyper working and have an eye for art and creativity. Here is a brief of Magma and Hypermesh software that are paving way to a better career for many. You can become an expert just by acquiring a practical Magma training and HyperMesh training.


MAGMA5, a comprehensive simulation tool that improvises metal casting quality, optimizes processing conditions, and reducing costs of production. This effective software establishes robust process conditions and casting layouts for all kinds of casting processes and materials. It is designed to predict the metal casting qualities. It is capable of simulating mold filing, cooling and solidifications which can further be used to pursue quality and cost objectives.

Benefits of MAGMA5


MAGMA Training

To understand and practice all the features and modules of MAGMA5, you can undergo training where you will learn how to collaborate designs with production chain. Casting designers and professionals, even mechanical students can get them enrolled for training wherein they can have practical knowledge of molding, casting and simulations. There are no prerequisites needed to pursue this training.

HyperMesh Training

HyperMesh is CAE simulating software that can give new dimensions to your. This software enables creation of high quality meshes with a collection of professional tools for FEA (Finite Element Analysis). These meshes can be received with accuracy and in a short span of time. HyperMesh provides its users with a complete set of geometrical tools to prepare CAD models needed for meshing process. These meshing algorithms provide a higher level of control and can be used at automatic mode as well. HyperMesh is a product of Altair and offers the biggest variety of solid meshing in the market.

Benefits of HyperMesh


HyperMesh Training

HyperMesh training will teach the participants about FEA, Batch meshing techniques, Geometry editing tools, Topographies, topologies etc. While there is no formal qualification or certification required to get enrolled for HyperMesh training, yet candidates with product engineering and designing knowledge can make an easy path and learn it in a few days.

This was just a brief knowledge on these two courses. Keep in mind to acquire training from some professional center where they will teach as well as impart practical training. MAGMA5 and HyperMesh set of software needs practice to gain a command over them.


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