Enhanced Content Management with SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint TrainingSharePoint is an application accountable for content managing, social computing, business intelligence, and identity management developed by Microsoft. The latest version of the application is SharePoint 2013 with its preceding versions being MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010. The Browser based collaboration- SharePoint helps to share the work, organize several projects and find people and information.

Some of the features of SharePoint 2013 are-

• Excel Services
• Access Services
• Info Path Forms Services
• User Profile Service
• Search Services
• Business Connectivity Services
• Performance Point Services
• Content Management Service
• Translation Services
• Workflow Services
• Education Services
• Work Management Services

The basic SharePoint 2013 Architecture of the application is split into 6 components with every component contributing for its efficient functioning.

• Search Administration Component: It drives the system processes to carry our functions such as search and perform.  It is accountable for topology changes and provisions search. It ensures that all components are up and properly running.

• Crawl Component: It retrieves the content sources comprising of SharePoint content, file shares etc. It fetches the content to be indexed and provides actual content and metadata.

• Content Process Component: It retrieves crawler content and passes on to index. Also, generates link databases and Phonetic Name Variations.

• Analytics Processing Component: It performs search functions and usage analytics to enhance the search relevance, make reports related to search and produce deep links and recommendations. The outputs from the evaluations are added to the items in search index.

• Index Component: It is the spot where index component are placed. It receives the components from content processing component and then writes those to an index file.

Many organizations, till day, are using the older versions of SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 Migration helps you to migrate, merge and restructure the content to the latest SharePoint version. To reap the benefits and deploy the latest features of SharePoint 2013, candidates undergo Microsoft SharePoint 2013 training in Noida to make transition from MS SharePoint 2009 or any other version to MS SharePoint 2013 easier.

Certifications of SharePoint 2013

The increasing importance of SharePoint 2013 has made it mandatory for the professionals to have certifications and trainings beforehand. This offers an upper edge to the candidates with SharePoint 2013 since companies are keen to find knowledgeable employees. SharePoint 2013 certification is designed for everyone seeking opportunities in IT industry such as developers, administrators, and end users of Microsoft SharePoint sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 certification helps companies during the migration from using SharePoint 2007 or any other version to SharePoint 2013. The SharePoint 2013 training is even customized as per the participants to meet their individual needs.

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