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PLC SCADA Training enhances the career prospects of the engineering graduates and helps them to grow consistently in this field. This is considering, in recent times, degrees in most scenarios don’t assure graduates a potential job or wide-range of career opportunities. Hence, PLC SCADA Training can help professionals to get an edge in the IT industry. Besides, since there is high demand for skilled people who can work with the machinery and industrial processes, PLC SCADA Training is the apt choice for understanding; working, and managing hardware and software associated to automation of industrial processes and advanced engineering subjects. More importantly, in coming times, Industrial Automation is expected to create a huge job market for candidates in every vertical including Manufacturing, Power, Energy, Chemical, Petroleum & Gas, and Research & Development, etc. For engineering graduates and students, industrial training in PLC/ SCADA helps them stay up to date with latest industrial automation technologies to deliver high quality products and services to the customers. The industrial automation training & certification in PLC and SCADA is intended for candidates coming from the colleges or industry who require correct knowledge of PLC applications, instructions, programming, troubleshooting & interfacing. Industrial automation training in PLC SCADA deals with programming micro-controllers making use of a specialized computer language. The Industrial automation training in PLC and SCADA covers different modules such as architecture, applications, instructions, interfaces and programs of inputs and outputs of PLCs. It acquaints the candidates with sound technical skills and updates them with the latest technological developments. The course content of PLC SCADA Training in Noida-
  • Introduction to Automation
  • PLC Details
  • Introduction to PLC
  • Interfacing with Relay.
  • I/O configuration & Memory Mapping
  • Programs & Ladder Diagrams
  • The Instruction Set
  • Communications & fault finding
  • Ladder Logic Programming
  • Introduction to SCADA Software.
  • Recipe Management.
  • Application Development and much more
The above mentioned course curriculum make candidates proficient and equips them with knowledge related to the latest technology aspects. Industrial training in PLC SCADA validates the candidates and makes them ready as per industry requirements. The candidates are taught through regular assessment which helps them gauge the gap between the industry standards and their competence level effectively. Some other methods adopted in trainings are:
  • Regular Assessments
  • Regular workshops
  • Daily assignments
  • Analysis and case studies
  • Seminars and presentations

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