Enter the field of product design with pro engineer training courses

Product designers as well as engineers need to have the complete knowledge of product design development on a virtual basis. PTC Creo elements, which was earlier known as Pro/Engineer, is a software which is used for modeling. The software serves as an integral and scalable design platform. To work with the software, aspirants need to enrol with pro engineer training courses.


The wide range of products from PTC Creo allows engineers and casual users to contribute graphic ideas, using which design concepts are converted into physical products. Ideas can be picked up from documents written in Microsoft Word, MCAD and ECAD drawings. 2D and 3D CAD and CAM simulations can be created by using PTC Creo elements.

Skills incorporated by the end of training   

With the help of pro engineer training courses, students are able to develop their capabilities in analysis, designing and manufacturing. They are able to incorporate the following skills:

  • Understand solid part modeling as well as assembly
  • Handling sketcher tools and layers
  • Measurement and inspection of models
  • Creation and modification of sheetmetal designs
  • Making swept blends and chamfers
  • Editing solids with Quilts
  • Addition of model details to drawings

About Pro Engineer

PTC Creo, earlier known as Pro/Engineer, is a 3d CAD/CAM/CAE software used for solid modeling. It is part of the suite which contains ten collaborative applications for assembly modeling, solid modeling, 2D orthographic views, finite element analysis and other functions for mechanical engineers. Pro/Engineer is said to be the industry’s first rule-based constraint 3D CAD modeling system.

Advantages of using Pro/Engineer  

The numerous features and characters of this software make it highly beneficial for use. Here are some of its advantages:

  1. Design changes easily reflected- If there is any change in the design process, due to which project detailing changes, then the tool path is automatically updated. This ensures that the product is always of high quality.
  2. Data Management- The data management module helps many engineers develop products within a short period of time.
  3. Easy to use- The menu appears perfectly logical and pre-selection is the best option. It is simple to use
  4. Assembly management- Commands like ‘insert’, ‘align’ and ‘engagement’ are used to assemble parts together while keeping design intact.

Use Pro/Engineer for any complex mechanical design work. You can enrol at a CAD training centre for learning course material.


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