Ethical hacker- an asset to any organisation’s data security

Want to be responsible for protecting vulnerable data and systems in an organisation? If yes, then it is time for you to become trained as an ethical hacker. This is the perfectly legal way of testing the vulnerability of systems against viruses and other harmful programs.

The ethical hacking course available at leading training institutes is by the EC Council. Penetration testing skills, comprehensive network security and ethical hacking is in huge demand across industries, especially those in the government sector. Participants, undergoing the training, get to understand how to test, scan and hack their own systems, so that they can create a highly efficient protective infrastructure.

Not device specific

The work of the trained hacker is not specific to a particular device like a desktop computer. All devices are equally targeted during the training, be it a mobile device, laptop or desktop. The candidate learns how to strengthen all systems and eliminate attacks from all corners.


Experienced instructors

The instructors lead the way for students to understand the real working of a hacker. They explain real situations, coupled with theoretical concepts in detail. They also share their experiences working in the IT industry and how it has taught them the details about this field.

Purpose of a CEH

The purpose of a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is as follows:

  • Informing the public that certified individuals meet or exceed the necessary standards
  • Reinforcement of ethical hacking as a respectable and self-regulating profession
  • They govern the minimum standards for establishing credentials of information security specialists as per standard hacking measures

About the certification exam

In Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam, 125 questions are asked in this exam, which is for a total duration of 4 hours. Questions asked are in multiple choice format. 312-50 (ECC EXAM) and 312-50 (VUE) are the exam prefixes. Once you clear this exam, you become a certified ethical hacker.

The most important aspect in this field is that ethical hacking separates the real professionals from mischief mongers. Hackers normally do not follow any guidelines, and hack a system for malicious intention. The trained hackers take permission from a company before hacking a site, an aspect which is ignored by traditional hackers. So to know more, enrol for hacking certification courses in Noida.


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