Everything You Need To Know About Linux Device Drivers

Why learning Linux device drivers course is important?

Linux Kernel and Device Driver Development Training focuses on the knowledge of the Linux kernel, device driver, and RTOS which means real time operating system. The course initiates with providing knowledge on process management and further goes into time management, memory management interrupt handling and scheduling in Linux environment.

The training introduces the applicants to Linux API’s for file operations, System Calls, sockets, ipc, etc. The importance of the training  content is on providing the applicants with real work-oriented application expertise. The training will provide the applicants with a life cycle sight for designing multi-processing and multi-threading embedded systems. Design approaches that are shown for soft- as well as hard- real time systems.

In order to develop Linux device drivers, it is essential to have a knowledge about certain aspects

C programming

  • Some in-depth knowledge of C programming is desirable, like the use of pointers and bit manipulating functions.

Microprocessor programming

  • It is essential to know how microcomputers function internally such as memory addressing, and interrupts. All of such notions should be acquainted to an assembler programmer.


A well versed knowledge of Linux operating system along with the shell scripting can add a great value to the Linux device drivers course

By the completion of training, you will inculcate the following skill set:

  • The applicant will be able to work on process management. He/she will be able to learn process management by incorporating multitasking, scheduling algorithms and Linux process scheduler policy. The applicant will be able to write device driver programs and become well versed with the concept of Idea of Real Time operating System
  • A deep understanding of the significance and types of system calls and proper utilization of memory management.
  • The Linux device drivers course will have the detailed understanding of Virtual File System, time management and interrupt handlers.

Who should take up this training?

Scholars from third and fourth year of BE / B. Tech. Courses (Electronics, Computers, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science, Instrumentation, Information Technology).

Final year students of BCA/ MCA/M.Tech/M.Sc-IT

Working professionals from embedded systems.

Experts willing to advance device driver programming skills.


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