Expand Your Professional Boundaries with Hadoop Training

Big Data Hadoop training is an in-demand skill that is set to blossom into newer heights in the coming decades. Being an open source framework, based on the Java programming platform, this technology is used for parallel processing. There is no other economic way currently for parallel processing of voluminous data. When data is in the volume of terabytes, using this technology enables distributed processing across innumerable nodes. The distributed file system of this software enables rapid data transfer rates between nodes. Even if a single node, which is a distributed computing resource, fails, the system continues to operate smoothly.

Big Data

The legend behind Hadoop

Google, the tech giant, initially brought this concept. The company envisioned MapReduce, which allowed processing voluminous data in the range of terabytes. Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting took this forward. They took these concepts and ideas and created an open source software application. It was later to be successful in handling BigData volumes, which was an avalanche of unstructured data.

What can Hadoop do?

Using this technology, data scientists retrieve and process data from various sources and systems. The type of data is structured, images, unstructured, audio, log, communication records and so on. Unrelated data is cordoned off and stored in other systems, which is still available for processing by Hadoop clusters. Internal data structures native to the technology is used which makes the cost of storage less than conventional methods. Therefore, huge data sets can be stored efficiently and without consuming space and resources. The major advantages offered by this technology are that it is cost effective, stores large volumes of data, offers scalable and flexible storage, and more.

Why choose data analytics as a career choice?

Data analytics and business analytics is an in-demand skill in the new century. Quality assurance personnel, software developers, SQL developers, ETL professionals, database designers, project managers etc. can build a career in this field. With Hadoop knowledge, a career in BigData is the default choice. Although there are numerous places that offer training in this technology, choosing the one that provide cutting-edge curriculum is important. There are some prerequisites for taking up the course. Basic Java programming skills is required, including skills in SQL.

According to ‘The Big Data Executive Survey 2013’ conducted by New Vantage Partners LLC’, more than 90% companies are already doing something with BigData or are contemplating action. Not only are Hadoop professionals in demand, but there is an urgent need for them. It is not just a few numbers, but thousands of them. Not just in one country, but in numerous countries across the world. So the ball lies in the aspirant’s court. This is the time to strike iron and strike it quick!


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