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The SPSS is a powerful statistical application package from IBM that is used for analysis of data. Specifically developed to provide high-end data analysis and research results, the tool helps data analysts get error-free and requisite outcomes for variable research applications in an effective manner.

 SPSS training



Data research and analysis is a very complicated functionality, which requires the data research analyst to use high-end examining and calculative methods to produce statistical and actual results. SPSS is a potent statistical tool that makes it easy for the data researcher to employ data analysis for large chunks of data, offering data understanding, data preparation and operational sequence execution for getting the desired result format.

Use of SPSS

SPSS is used by researchers, data architects, data analysts, data scientists, and decision makers for a varied range of complex statistical research purposes:

  • Market research
  • Clinical research
  • Statistical analysis on research data
  • And more such data research operations

Proficient skill development with SPSS training

A quality, structured & customised SPSS training helps students and professionals build on their knowledge and hone their skills efficiently for high-end operations:

  • Measuring and collecting right type of data with concise research process
  • Working with different statistical models
  • Using SPSS to work with graphs
  • Conducting various functions like correlation, regressions, Pearson Chi-Square, Independent T-test with SPSS
  • Factor and Cluster analysis
  • Linear and Logistic regression
  • Means and options
  • Bivariate and partial correlations

SPSS Training Course

For learners, inclusive of students as well as working professionals, a quality SPSS training course will equip them technologically to incorporate computing and statistical knowledge for high-end data research and analysis. An efficient training course must be:

  • Imparted by certified and expert trainers, who are proficient with the IBM application package
  • 360 degree learning mode – 24/7 learning access
  • In-depth analysis for the learners – assessment tests, mock tests, progress reports, analytical reports.
  • Suitable learning mode for different learner’s requirement – online training, classroom training, corporate training, boot camp training.

Data research and analysis is a very intricate yet significant process, for which professionals need to have high-end technical proficiency. An effective SPSS training hones and creates professionals who are adept at processing complex data analysis & research to give fruitful results.


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