Five reasons why to take up Oracle Primavera Training

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An industrial training in Noida in Primavera P6 enables candidates gain knowledge and skills in this globally renowned project management tool. Being amongst the front-running applications in the purview of program/portfolio management, Primavera offers diverse functionality. Primavera P6 personnel can work across domains given that the skills they gain are transferrable. primavera The following are some reasons to be trained in this tool.
  1. Faster project completion within budget
Oracle Primavera Project Management can help an organization complete projects in time, within budget and successfully. With facilities to manage the life-cycle of an entire project portfolio, this tool aids management of project-intensive businesses.
  1. Instructor-led training
Training by certified instructors ensures that participants gain knowledge from the right people. Whether it is a small or large group setting, the knowledge imparted is effective. The curriculum will incorporate hands-on workshops. Candidates will be able to use the software, complete the exercises and implement real world scenarios.
  1. Mapping of best practices to functional implementation
Participants will learn project management practices. It will include basic information like setting up a project, and implementing best practices through the application.
  1. Extensive learning resources
Helping candidates in their endeavor is training and learning materials. Soft copies are distributed during Primavera training. This is to enable students to rehearse and consolidate what they learnt.
  1. World-renowned certification
Given that this is a highly respected IT credential, aspirants gain a foothold in the lucrative project/program management job market. Along with several other certifications, one can expect to look at exponential career progression. Why Primavera P6 is undergoing rapid adoption in the industry? An enterprise-wide business intelligence portal, this tool provides project portfolio performance transparency. Organizations can analyze resources, variance, earned value management, and schedule performance. Oracle's Business Intelligence platform's power and flexibility is leveraged. The application provides drill-down functionality such as root cause analysis. With the drill-down functionality negatives of project performance can be revealed. Also, projects that exceed performance benchmarks can be identified.
The tool enables to isolate solutions and problems. Analytic reports help address budgeting and staffing issues. Therefore, expertise in this tool enables one to become a comprehensive project/program/portfolio management professional. Given the functional depth of this tool, it is by far the most comprehensive in the market. All the more reason to undergo an industrial training in Noida in Primavera P6.

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