Get started as a developer with Android Training Courses

Wish to become an Android developer? You must take up one of the Android training courses at any of the reputed training institutes in the country. Not only will you learn how to work using the different tools such as Android SDK, but will also be guided by some of the most experienced instructors in the country.

Training classes are focused to give you training on specific tasks which require code samples. Android app design is also taught in detail. Depending on whether the student is a new Android developer or an existing one, skills are imparted. For a new developer, the basics of Android app development are very important.

Once the Android SDK is taught, students will be guided through the process of creating their first app. For this, candidates need to know about how to create a basic Android project. Running the application and familiarisation with the User Interface also requires significant amount of time.

Stages in Android development

The following stages in Android development are usually standard across different training courses:

  • Building the 1st app
  • Support for different devices
  • Management of the activity lifecycle
  • Creating a dynamic UI with various fragments
  • Saving the data
  • Interaction with other apps
  • Working with the help of system permissions


Android development tools

Android Studio consists of some of the fastest tools in order to build apps on various Android devices. Debugging, performance tooling, flexible build system, great code editing and an instant build/deploy system allows candidates to create high performance apps.

Android development is slowly getting easier, with more companies coming up with tools that can help developers build almost anything. As mentioned above, Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to allow people to develop apps. This has been made by Google.

AVD Manager is a feature of the Studio which permits developers to test apps on a virtual device. Android Device Monitor, also on the Studio, allows developers to monitor devices when plugged into the computer, or monitor virtual devices. Unity 3D and Corona SDK are other tools. Know more about Android development through Android training in Noida.


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