Growing need to deliver diverse applications with Citrix XenApp 6.5 and importance of Citrix XenApp training

The IT industry is taking a leap and created a great market for desktop virtualization with Citrix being the leader. The XenDesktop product line is quite noticeable and seeking attention with Citrix rolling out enhancements for Citrix XenApp 6.5. It is a recognized on-demand app and has made user experience better than ever; especially, by providing windows apps as protected mobile services. This helps to mobilize the business and reduces the cost by centralizing control and security.

citrix multisoft systems

XenApp gives users a built-in touch-enabled display and touch feelto elevate the experience based on  for the type of device and network. In tough architecture, Citrix XenApp 6.5 is a prominent choice to deliver diverse applications. Realizing the benefits of Citrix +Xenapp, the organizations are looking for certified candidates to successfully use Xenapp in the system. Citrix XenApp training help candidates to know when to upgrade, maintain and support Citrix environment. The training offers benefits to both organizations and candidates separately.

Benefits of Citrix XenApp trainingto organizations

Authorized training on XenApp 6.5 helps enterprises get the confidence of managing and supporting the product efficiently and to make sure that the best practices are followed. The organization with rightly executed system would deliver correct application on demand, lower the cost of desktop management by half and enhance security to protect intellectual property.

On the other side, Citrix XenApp training provides hands on work to the candidates. Participants are offered insights of all aspects of the XenApp product. Also, the training focusses on important concepts of Citrix XenApp administration comprising of installation, using policies, maintaining, publishing apps and monitoring. The training is indeed hands on with every candidate managing his/her own server farm. To successfully clear the training, candidates are required to appear for a test.

The exam required to clear this certification is created to assess the candidate’s practical and strategic method required for virtualization. The certification can be effectively added to the resume to impress employers. Certified candidates usually withdraw an average salary of $92,000 annually. Candidates with Citrix XenApp certification can work at diverse positions such as virtualization consultant, network architecture engineer etc. The training is recommended for candidates who seek to gain considerable amount for experience in virtualization since the certification assess the candidate on practical approach rather than theoretical.

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