High-end automatic testing proficiency with Selenium training

Selenium is an open source testing tool. It is an API (Framework), initially launched by developer Jason Huggins that performs functional automation testing of a web based application for different scenarios and on varied browsers. The portable software testing framework, Selenium includes Selenium IDE & Remote Control (RC) components.


Selenium Training

Selenium Architecture

It is a suite of testing tools, like WebDriver and is highly rich in API (framework) set. It does not work like a program tool, which has a setup file and is installed for functioning’ like Winrunner, QTP, SkillTest. Selenium is a library of classes, methods and interfaces. It is one of the high-end APIs that is highly regarded for its proper and error-free functionality.

Working of Selenium

Selenium is a testing tool, efficiently used for automating user steps to perform varied tasks proficiently. A bright suite of tools, Selenium supports wide ranges of languages, like C#, Java, PHP and more; so being highly beneficial for engineers to write automation test scripts. It has rich set of API, and simulates user actions on a web application.

Selenium Training

Aspirants who are willing to foray in the software testing profession, and looking to develop their skills pertaining to a high-end testing tool, then Selenium training will be ideal for them to embark on a successful career journey.
While searching for an effective Selenium Training, one must consider the following characteristics:

  • Certified and expert trainers, helping candidates developing their core knowledge of Java, HTML, XML, & JavaScript.
  • Comprehensive and round the clock assistance for learners looking to switch from manual testing to automatic testing
  • 360 degree, 24/7 learning environment to help learners train proficiently on API integration & real frameworks like Data Driven, Page Object model, Hybrid.
  • Comprehensive and structured learning process through varied modes, like online training, classroom training, corporate training and boot camp training that the learner can opt according to his requirements.
  • Hands-on practical exposure to Selenium IDE to understand and learn the concepts with customised course, and advanced analytical reports.

Rich in application and being a preferred choice for automation testing pertaining to multiple browsers, Selenium has become the preferred testing framework & opens up a wide channel of professional path for testing professionals.


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