How Comptia Certification is Becoming The Benchmark For A Successful IT Career

Apart from skills and experience, a certification holds equal value in the IT field, which, according to hiring managers becomes an essential factor during recruitment. IT industry is a dynamic field and is evolving rapidly; meaning growth for expert and qualified professionals is not restrained at all. Therefore, to advance the career in the IT domain, a quality certification is as essential as your skillset.


In this category, CompTIA certification holds high importance as it opens wide-range of doors for candidates, networking to security fields.

What is CompTIA certification?

This certification is provided by non-profit Computing Technology Industry Association, which includes a wide range of disciplines, including computer basics, networking, It security, Linux programming, and many more. Most of the organizations worldwide considers CompTIA certification as a mandatory qualification; thus establishing this as a stepping stone to a lucrative career in the IT field.

Why you should opt for CompTIA certificate?

An IT certification is testimony to show employers how you have gained skills and expertise in a particular field and are ready to move to the next step. For validating expertise, staggering number of 90% plus employers find the CompTIA certification as a significant substantiation proof. According to trade experts, in accordance to the growing network and technologies the availability of skilled and certified experts is low. Therefore, organizations will require a higher number of certified professionals in the coming future to fulfill their functional requirements, for which CompTIA is the most sought-after certification.

What benefits will CompTIA certification provide an IT candidate?

Proof of credential and expertise

Having a certification on top of your skills and expertise in a particular field will put you in good level during recruitment. The employer will look at you as a serious candidate and it will certainly give you an edge over others.

Wide range of career options

When you undergo CompTIA training, you will be able to evaluate and develop your knowledge and practical proficiency, and will find that the possibilities are endless for your career advancement.

High Salary

On an average, a CompTIA certified professional earns 5-10% more than counterparts who have same skill but are not certified.

Thus, the road to success is not far. Enroll for CompTIA Server+ training, or for security or networking, and earn your certification to begin a lucrative career jouirney.

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