How does an Android development course help in making apps?

Do you have too many app ideas but don’t really know how to start? If yes, then an Android Development Course is the perfect catalyst to shape your ideas into reality. Android is the world’s most popular Operating System for mobile devices, and so it is guaranteed that your idea will influence a significant percentage of the population.

How to move towards development of Android apps

Candidates in this course first need to develop strong foundations in Android development, Java programming and Android Studio. They learn how to create apps from scratch with the help of Android Studio and Java programming. By uploading the apps on Google Store, candidates can reach out to several thousand Android users. With the display of ads on the app, it is also possible to make money.


The future of Android Development

As per latest statistics, it is said that by the year 2018, the number of Android users will reach around 4 billion. Clearly those learning Android development right now will have the potential to reap huge profits by then. It will certainly present a developer with a sound and stable career. In fact, Android app developers form one of the highest paid groups in the IT industry today.

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) has all the tools and APIs required in order to develop apps on the Android platform, with the help of Java programming knowledge. Android is capable of running multiple apps at the same time. It comes with a customisable home screen that keeps active widgets near one’s fingertips. These widgets are always accessible, without needing to launch the application first.

Where all is Android used?         

There are several fields across which Android apps are being used. Games and entertainment commonly make use of Android. Similarly several organisations and software companies are looking to create Android applications. For example, train and bus routes can be found in apps. Doctors can be located through these apps.

Android keeps adding a huge pool of qualified developers every day. The popularity of this technology is gradually going through the roof, especially because it is open source and user friendly. Individuals can enrol for other Mobile App Development Courses as well.


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