How does Microsoft excel continues to prove to be the best spreadsheet to use at work place?

Since its first release in 1985, Microsoft Excel has been extensively used by many professionals.  It has become the default and standard software used for creating project statistics, budgeting, writing test cases, maintaining action plans, etc. Excel is an integral part in every business process, that one cannot be without working in it for more than an hour. The widespread usage of Microsoft Excel is due to its advanced tools, features, inbuilt graphics, and functions. Aspirants can enroll in Advanced Excel Training and learn more.

In this article, let’s further discuss how it’s possible for MS Excel to be best spreadsheet till date. Excel includes the following:

Extensive graphical functionality

Providing data in graphical format reaches a relevant audience very easily. Say for example, being a Manager, you are generating metrics for your team members. If you create one report with only words and numbers, and then another report with charts and graphs. Which one does your team member prefer to read? Yes, the one with graphics will always be preferred because charts give good reading clarity. Excel has advanced graphics options integrated with it and thus it is extensively used in many workplaces for various purposes.


Acts as single place for data analysis

With a single file you can bring-in all the data and present in various columns as per requirement. You can apply n number of filters, arithmetic operator, functions, signs etc. to your data. All the options are perfectly arranged under suitable drop-downs or fields. You can also add more number of sheets to the single file, enabling the users to easily access the data.

Provides Online access and supports Mobility

You can get online access for Microsoft Excel using the Microsoft’s Office 365. Using this functionality business users, IT Professionals and others can have 24 hours’ access to Excel from any mobile devices. If you want to access a file that you saved on a cloud, you can always get it using your login details.


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