How does Salesforce Sales Cloud brings in more deals and effectively manages business?

For the year 2016, Fortune Magazine has recognized Salesforce as one of the World’s Most Admired Company. Sales Cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product developed by Salesforce. Sales cloud with its outstanding features manages business effectively and makes organizations stay competitive in this ever changing business world. To get yourself trained in Sales Cloud, enroll to the Salesforce Sales Cloud Training.


What does Sales Cloud do to enhance your business?

Sales Cloud CRM tool helps to design, deploy and manage solutions supported by organization’s business processes and execute those using Salesforce applications. The desire of any booming organization to be a customer-centric is fulfilled by Sales cloud as it gives better Contact and Opportunity Management solutions.  With these solutions, the company can stay connected with the required business contacts and make business deals on the go.

Sales Cloud gives exceptional Lead management solutions, which helps the sales experts to optimize their business campaign and take timely decisions to choose potential areas to invest. The sales data that Sales Cloud provides increases the sales and marketing productivity.

Note: As per the company’s 2016 fiscal year results, Sales Cloud accounts around 40% of the Salesforce Revenue.

Partners are always important for organization and with Sales Cloud, Partner Management also comes handy. This CRM product opens a great deal of communication with the partners by forming proper channels to share business goals, activities, etc.  Salesforce Sales Cloud also gives best reports and dashboard visuals, using which the organization can gauge their current stand in the market and take strategic decisions to increase productivity.

Figure 1 – An Example Salesforce Sales Cloud Dashboard


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Who can take up the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification?

With your product expertise, if you are in a verge to prove yourself best in designing, developing, and implementing better CRM solutions in your organization, then Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification will definitely help you. This certification is ideal for Cloud Computing Consultants, Salesforce Administrators, Sales Managers, Senior Business Analysts, etc. Enroll in online Salesforce Sales Cloud Training and get better results

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