How enterprises enhance their cash-flow with Oracle Receivables invoice processing

With enhanced business structures and complicated process, enterprises today require automated and comprehensive management systems that streamline their process, and do away with any manual errors. Oracle accounts receivables management is one such application which helps businesses to track, view and manage A/R information efficiently in real-time and manage the cash flow seamlessly and accurately. This system helps the cash managers to take immediate and effective decisions regarding credit extending and forwarding collections.


What benefits enterprises avail with Oracle accounts receivables management?

Oracle Receivables helps firms to enhance their cash flow process with strategic information, whilst improving customer relationships, optimizing the whole invoicing, receipt and deduction process. The tenability of the financial controls helps in strong fiscal discipline, essential to meet global market demands in today’s times.

Invoicing – the most important feature of Oracle Accounts Receivables Management

Out of all the cash flow functions, invoice processing is a central and most important function for an enterprise, for which Oracle Accounts Receivables provide optimized and efficient functioning:

Streamlined Invoice Processing

Making a receipt for merchandise or services naturally makes an A/R record for every deal and all related income entrances. Accounts Receivable consequently computes rebates in light of user defined payment terms, figures taxes, and joins client money and language choices to strengthen the streamlined receipt preparing work process. It also empowers the managers to deal with the acknowledgment of income for chosen invoices. Contract and Service Billing or Sales Order Management also produce invoices, which along with Accounts Receivables invoices are qualified for the income acknowledgment process.

Recording and Managing Deductions and Invoices

Recording customer payment invoices is also a critical function of Accounts Receivables. It helps to identify cash received and manage precise cash flow process immediately. Accounts Receivables provide assistance to the manager by tracking, identifying and managing client payments and deductions, along with categorizing clients who have a habit of late payments or take advantage of unmerited rebates. In light of the fact that it is completely coordinated with the sales ordering capacity, the manager can supervise and react to individual circumstances in the setting of the more extensive, continuous client relationship. Along with recording client payments, with Accounts Receivable, the manager can also record any deduction practiced by the client for the payment, and thus regulate chargebacks.

Improving and increasing the cash flow with Oracle apps receivables management helps to streamline the comprehensive business operations, resulting in enhanced flexibility to respond to global requirements.


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